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Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party, feminist artist Judy Chicago, feminist, sometime separatist, educator. Her most well-known work, The Dinner Party, is about the presence of women in history.
christian faur Christian Faur mimics nature, developing his own systems to express ideas, making the medium and the message appear one.
Igor Oleinikov Igor Oleinikov does evocative children's illustrations. The illustrations twanged my imagination.
Art of Photogravure Art of the Photogravure is a comprehensive resource. Pictures from way back to just now, notes on how-to. Be sure to see the sitemap. Elegant site.
john currin John Currin hints at the natural figure, but exaggerates it. Real.
vladimir kush Vladimir Kush makes narrative art imaginatively, ideas and stories in fairytale style. Not frivolous, entirely.
Jessica Swift Jessica Swift is light and fluffy - like candy, you can't help but grin. She is a networked girl, who savvily knows exactly how to market herself.
jonathan harris Jonathan Harris' artwork We Feel Fine explores meaning given to concepts by collecting references to them on the internet. A visual and interactive exploration.
Chris Diedericks' Step(h) Chris Diedericks' art is radical, so of course I love it. It's detailed, it's symbolic, it's a full frontal, in-your-face, cock-loving challenge from first glance to terrified exit. Great self-promotion site. Wink.
University of Liverpool Optical Illusion site Beautifully painted optical illusions just a small collection by a blogger called Nik.
tsevis tsevis uses Adobe Illustrator to make digital art. Pointillism with a twist.
winston smith Winston Smith. I liked his metadiscription: modus operandi since the 1970's has been to kidnap "innocent" images from the pages of vintage magazines and then to diabolically glue them...
Peter Funch Peter Funch takes pictures over time, from the same vantage point in New York, and then Photoshops them together. Very intriguing conceptual results. Painting with time.
Thomas Doyle's Acceptable Losses Thomas Doyle has a piece called Acceptable Losses piece in the Distillation Series. How little is too little? Nice concept.
hi-fructose Hi-Frictose is read by people seeking to satisfy their cravings for new and unique underground art, happening just below the radar. Art that informs, rather follows trends in mainstream media including film, fashion and design.
Philippe Steels Liliypad, a floating Ecopolis, by Vincent Callebaut Architectures on Pixelabs website. These graphic illustrations of floating cities really caught my imagination.
Super Colossal Super Colossal - loving all things Japanese at the moment, but I thought this is something unusual. Vertical collage, mixnmatchscapes. Entering the packaging.
travis louie Travis Louie has a passion for the bizarre. Black and white, seemingly olden day photos with strangely monstrous, sometimes smiling creatures in Victorian dress. So proper. Nice gallery coding.
parkeharrison Parkeharrisons. Eerie postmodern visual poetr... errrh.... photography. 1984-ish. Brainy stuff, and pretty. Great 'choose what picture to see cum slideshow' swf to display it. collects clever artsy fartsy stuff, and techsy wechsy stuff
heather jansch Heather Jansch makes horses from driftwood. And if you find a pic of her with an ankh on her chest you might guess that she is a hippy, and didn't succumb. Yum.
Art Boobs Art Boobs features real breasts and real women, artistically.
Burning Man NK Guy Burning Man is a festival in Black Rock City, here are NK Guy's pictures of it.
xupacabras Xupacabras Some of these photos are disturbing, and intense. 'Photography can be profound and not just inane like the trillions of pictures found on google' debate.
Gregory Colbert, Ashes and Ashes and is serene, beauty, simple. The first picture on the static site rings sexuality to me. Flash.
ICGDA International Council of Graphic Design Associations is a beautiful site, doesn't just plonk the prettiness on, it has an article with the prettiness explaining context.
PBS PBS's Art 21 Gallery where 77 inhabitants of the Bronx had their say by making art, then PBS put the whole thing together online as a gallery. Different, well organized, galleric. commisions and supports net art. I found them through their Steve Kurtz and and critical art ensemble activism.
Francois Launet Francois Launet at Drawings. He illustrated the gamesbooks Wraith and Kult. Adult games with very dark themes. The drawings are moody and violent.
CG Society CGSociety hoards those who want to get into game art production, and it's amazing what lurks in their minds. Creativity run amok. Well made social media.
Artthrob Artthrob is beautifully organized in rebellious pink. A dynamic site with regular additions of website reviews, art reviews, exhibitions. South African.
defunker defunker ships their T-shirts to anywhere. They print onto non-sweat-shop, American-made T-shirts and they started the site to support the artists using this medium for their message.
Tee Design Costume Culture Tee Design Costume Culture is art that happens to be for T-Shirts. Canvasses are so old-fashioned. It's all in the detail.
Extra Ugly Extra Ugly does T-Shirts. They did Dan Savage's GGG (Good, Giving, Game) T-Shirts. The one that caught my eye was 'Look at my tits when you tell me that'.
Exploding dog Exploding dog Someone who works because they want to.
michael leunig Michael Leunig describes his approach as regressive, messy and vaudevillian. An artistified cartoonist. Like comedians, cartoonists tell the truth, only with drawings not words.
chet zar Chet Zar draws and paints darkly. Fantasy. An interesting navigation system. Does creature design and modelling for the movies.
Butcher Boys Jane Alexander's Butcher Boys is the artwork that has had an impact on my soul. What I see in it is the casualness of evil, how at-home it has become in our worlds.
Dave McKean Dave McKean creates disturbing art, for bookcovers, a distinct visual style with an attitude. He's chucked readability but has the style to get away with it. Serial killer art. Site by Bullets of Autumn.
Masters of Photography Masters of Photography has exhibitions of fine art photography, covering a broad range of kinds of pictures, various artists. Archived exhibitions. Searchable. Easy to buy. Well organized.
guy stubbs Guy Stubbs, a South African photographer, has an eye. He has parlayed it into a commercial success, but the eye is fine.
Always Curious Always Curious is the photoblog site of Charlie O'Shields a photographer who photoblogs daily under auspicious headings ~ Mixed Marvels, Human Curiosities, et al. No hectic meanings, beautiful form.
ronnie del carmen Ronnie Del Carmen draws and self-publishes the comic cartoon Paper Biscuit. Her protagonist is a young girl, who actively engages her dreamworld.
Gero Gero is a caricaturist, in coloured pencil, a website that self-identifies, simple and well-organised.
Mary Ellen Croteau Mary Ellen Croteau is a feminist artist, radical naturally, intellectually feminist. Her site is well organized and plain.
Linda Dement Linda Dement is a radical feminist digital artist. Pussiesgalore. Her work is available on CDs, but she has outputted to other media.
Monika Weiss Monika Weiss is a multimedia artist, evocative. Her website is the definition of the comprehensive site, although it is stark. I guess to complement her stark, emotional art.
Zofia Kulik Zofia Kulik is a feminist and political artist, although confining her in these boxes could be Pandoraic.
zanele muholi Zanele Muholi is a radical lesbian feminist South African photographer. You should be impressed by finding all those adjectives in one place, here anyway. I am.
katty vandenberghe katty vandenberghe is a digital artist, creates a two-way creation (infusion) of life into websites. See the sites she created alongside each other, and you'll see what I mean.
Anni Snyman Anni Snyman is a digital artist, and photographer. Her work is very emotional, connected, focused on nudging us to fix the world.
Polish women artists Art Margins on Polish women conceptual artists, feminist, political and philosophical filmic art in Poland.The Brooklyn Rail is a critical magazine..
Cali Rezo Cali Rezo is bright, emotional and prolific, the paintings tug. A beautiful flash site, visual organization A bit slow, so here is a quickie.
  Women's Cartoon Index (missing at the moment, contact me if you find them first at: []) Comprehensive, organized in a one-glance link collection. Nice. Published cartoonists to commercial cartoonists, full tootlet.
Rebecca Swan Rebecca Swan is a photographer who takes pictures of her own soul. Never been here, never done that.
Postsecret Postsecret by a blogger that invited people to post their secret on one side of a postcard, scanned the postcards and posted them here, and made a book. Postart.
Lesley Schiff Lesley Schiff at the Chicago Artists Coalition. Or choose an organisation that will give you beautiful website, standardized to their style. Bright, happy, neutral stuff that won't make you cry when you enter your lounge. Iconic.
Gregory Nolan Gregory Nolan is a photographer and video maker. His website, although plain, emphasises how prolific he is. At a glance you can see this guy is a serious full-time artist.
Hypnofish Hypnofish, yummy gallery. If you go nowhere else on this page you have to go and look at the beauty of this design. It has professionalism and whimsy and artsy, sommer all together. Wowlet.
Ted Warnell Ted Warnell has very obscure, intellectual, cutting ege programming-art. It's fast and quick to click through.
Anne Geddes Anne Geddes surprised me. I didn't think that baby pictures could be art, and from a commercial source nogal.
Bev Hodson Bev Hodson has a beautiful self-promotion site. Plain, so that we can focus on her art. And her art is artful and emotional.
Guillem Ramos-Poquí Guillem Ramos-Poquí is very clinical and graphic design oriented, or is it that graphic design stole from this kind of artist. Either way, this is an emotional void, as all commercial art is.
Jeannine Chappell Jeannine Chappell is a bit twee for me, but I did like the white horse on the left.
Cynthia Lawson Cynthia Lawson is a digital artist, sound, text, video. Plain site, but I love the addition of her pictures of her shock at an Indian airline. The blurring between the professional and the self.
Liz Cauley The New Red Riding Hood by Liz Cauley
Lesbian Connexions Lesbian Connexions is a collection of radical lesbian photographers, they don't have a site but this is a Google search that will keep me up to date when I next want to find out what they have been up to.
Gon Buurman Gon Buurman is a radical feminist photographer. GKf has a slideshow with a family theme.
Marlo Broekmans Marlo Broekmans is a lesbian photographer. The has a few more. Her photos are usually of herself, usually erotic, vulnerable.
British design museum British Design Museum is well-organized. tons of pics, searchable, by name of designer.
Illegal Art Illegal Art is beautifully organized, video, visual and audio art. An article section is mostly about copyright fairness with headings like Green Eggs and Lawsuits: Artists, contracts and money.
designboom designboom This is the most divinely designed (beauty and info) page I have ever seen. It's official. The interviews page is also cute. I love those pics of the artists. Just that extra jot of care. Yumadoodle.
Gerald Bybee Gerald Bybee has some photos that Surprise and Delight, that cause Grinning and Smiling. My favorite is the gray woman with the eyes.
The Digital Artist The Digital Artist An alphabetical directory of artists, not necessarily digital artists, but artists presented in a digital format. An ugly site, bits of which don't work.
Ansisters Ansisters is a collaborative art project by women, and a few men, that I know. The website - the brilliant design and information architecture - is done by Katty.
WeFail WeFail is a group of people who got together to point out to us in a digitally advanced way that we are kakky human beings.
SoFake SoFake made WeFail and tons of other stuff, and their website does that infinite scoping thing. I wonder if they invented that, I have seen it somewhere else. Where though?
David Ho David Ho is a digital artist, moody, scary, fantastical, dark You have to go and see his website to see more, a lot more.
Katie Rice Katie Rice is a cartoonist, draws girls mostly. They have expressions, which is unusually divine. This is her blog where she talks to herself about her stuff. Not her commercial site, which strangely is more boring.
ArtProstitute ArtProstitute is an eclectic art news source, and I adore the way the whole intro page is arranged like a giant infoholic's teaser. Inspired coding.


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