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  • Macromedia Development Centre is where all Macromedia products are in a state of dynamic change. Huge, with downloads, e-learning, message boards, blogs, site feeds, everthing and anything. Macromedia's website is a community and they make sure the resources are mostly all here - one-stop shop.
  • Macromedia Flash, Shockwave and Authorware players
  • Actionscript Dictionary c omes with Flash, this is the online version - ii's searchable
  • is the definitive tutorial site. So brilliantly organized. Bookmarkable.
  • Kirupa Forum All great universities have a place where students hang out and compare enthusiastic notes about which classes were great and which students did something amazing.
  • Flash devils is a 'all the news' sort of place for Flashaholics, flash files for examining all the new codes and insider news on the companies in control of the source.

Tutorials by junior and senior lecturers

Subject journals at the library

Brilliant fellow classmates

  • Hooggebrugge has fun with Flash. Black and shite moving sketches by the trillion, with sound. He experiments and publishes the products of his learned skills online.
  • Amaztype samples popular search phrases, but that's not the good bit. The good bit is when you mouseover their word area and see Actionscript applied.
  • Ultrashock has t utorials, goodies, forum AND watch their award-winning intros. flashmx2004/video.php
  • Joshua Davis Studios is a professional that uses his Actionscript innovations in the industry, e.g. used dynamic Actionscript to randomly generate posters. His extensive web portfolio.
  • Trendy flash has cute little flash things with site buttons, interesting actionscript usage challenges
  • Riverdeep where children can make up their own stories with and have the stories read to them. Clicking on a word results in a child's voice saying the word out loud.
  • Zoomquilt is Infinity enacted.
  • Graeme Carr justifiably self-proclaims to be an interface architect, among other things. South African makes a beautiful portfolio. Note that the files know if they are tartgeting Explorer or Netscape. Two preloaders loading at once, then opening one before the other. Beauty and brains.
  • Aroots Antonio Luis' Flash site that is so beautiful, so well organized, so well laid out, so brilliant.
  • Tokyo Plastic Flash site, sound is very effective, visuals amazing. Makes you want to go through the whole site. Links to other high-quality flash sites under friends.
  • Conclave Obscurum. Some people are capable of taking language and using it in such a way that the rest of us see only our own mortality.
  • Electronic Ouroboros uses frames that I totally despise, in the most divine way. Truly a beautiful site. Self-promotion always is. The coding is also superb, note the flock of birds.
  • One Eyed Films presents flash with a concept, rare but true.


  • FlashSaver is a free windows screensaver maker, some demo versions of games and other bits and pieces
  • has flashing tools, bags of tools to wow you, for a fee. Demos available
  • Flashwiz is a screen saver creator for the PC platform, supports various file types and flash formats
  • Northcode sells two products: SWF Studio creates standalone windows applications with Flash and Thing creates standalone Mac and windows applications with Flash.
  • FlashForge has various applications that make doing specific things (e.g. screensavers, bitmap and type effects) in Flash easier and more fun.
  • Flash games, a compilation of some fun games sites

The Big Wide World

  • Anifest is a comprehensive site that makes up a international network for animators. Here are screenshots from the database.
  • where you go to put yourself on the list of suppliers in South Africa. Have a animography/filmography ready.

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