• Wine is an open source and makes sure that windows-based programmes never realize that they are not running on Windows. You don't need a copy of Windows nor Parallels.


  • Cheap Font Creator has a font creator system that create and make your own handwriting as your own font. And also you can download fonts for free.


  • Adobe Press is a place to ask your Adobe software how-to questions.

Final Cut Pro

  • Quick Start Guide to Using Final Cut Pro in the VMIL
  • EZ Keyboard for Final Cut Pro
    Colour-coded and named keys by the functions in FCP.
  • Quickstart Guide by Benjamin Grosser
  • Ken Stone - Final Cut Pro site for tips and easy methods, articles and how-tos, discussion forums and reviews
  • Genius DV has various free tutorials online. Available to buy, colour manuals of courseware divised by Ken Stone and others. Forum for discussing problems.
  • Apple - official FCP support page, with clear installation instructions and tutorial articles. More general 'starter' information here.
  • Page.elements has an online step by step beginner tutorial with screenshots of each step.
  • Digital Media Centre houses various how-to links to articles in pdf format
  • CHV Electronics sells plugins for FCP, but also houses various articles and other free downloads.
  • Multimedia Studio at University of Washington treats Multimedia as an integrated action, artists use many programs when doing a project. This Studio has downloads about various multimedia applciations and includes info on how to use them in conjunction with each other.
  • Media Resources Centre at the University of North Carolina has a quickstart guide with screenshots and downloadable movies on how-tos. presented in a do-able sequence.
  • Help-site has old downloadable manuals and a pdf of the FCP keyboard
  • Joe Maller - FXScript reference site

How to make money ethically on the web

  • Xilisoft Product advertising. You need internet access and a paypal account.
  • Google Adsense Host ads by anyone, google pays you for the clicks. You need a website or blog and a google account.
  • Gretchen Rubin markets her book The Happiness Project, and does it beautifully and with aplomb.


  • Streaming audio: March 2006 communiqué with Streaming company, for the Mac OSX 4 Tiger people who are struggling to connect to online streaming content.
  • Add button: Drag a linked button to toolbar.
  • free forum - careful who signs up first - if it's you you will be there forever, rather make a holding (gmail) account that can be passed from person to person.


  • PIPWerks for adding clickable transcripts to videos. This system is HTML5, and means plenty of hand coding, but easy. I will probably be waiting for the application.


  • How to get blogged by Cory Doctorow
  • Naming conventions on the web
  • How to code an email from HTML is a record of how I coded my email address down below.
  • PHP List for subscribe and unsubscribe management of email newsletters.
  • Emailers an example of a good one from Prospero. Responsible emailers are not spam, that is an emailer done badly. Responsible emailers include an unsubscribe link that at the very least lets you have an email to ask you to take someone's name off the database. Here is an example of responsible emailer unsubscribe techniques (how not to spam).
  • dev.anything-digital makes sustainable gadgets for joomla
  • Web Tools for testing and monitoring your site and has linked alphabetical index in case you aren't sure what all the terms mean.
  • RSS Feed or how to make an RSS feed and add it to your website (your non-blog website).
  • Add sound in Dreamweaver, tell what kind of object it is, autostart 'false'.
  • Anythingslider allows you to make a slider of many sorts of things, jpegs, movs, htmls.


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