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Responsible email marketing


This should appear at the bottom of your emailer. The code on this page is written in PHP by a programmer, but It doesn't have to be, it can be a simple email link to you and you can manually take people off the database.

Place this text in your emailer

We support responsible and ethical email marketing practices. Please know that we respect your right to be purged from this marketing campaign. Removal from this email distribution list is automatically enforced by our email delivery system. Please click here to start the process for email deletion.

This is the text for the page the above link should link to


Best Practices in Email Marketing

My opt-out policy

Opting out of this email marketing campaign is easy. Please know that I respect your decision to be removed from my database. Please make note that every effort is made in honoring your opt-out request.

If you do not wish to receive marketing emails in the future from Tanya Pretorius' Bookmarks, please enter your email address below. Please allow 24-48 hours for my database to update your opt-out request.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Tanya Pretorius' Bookmarks, you can write to me at:

Tanya Pretorius