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Technical stuff

  • add site to
  • avoid java and other spaghettic code generators
  • metatags: description of site and keywords (not more than 20 words or phrases separated by comms, page specific.
  • page Titles specific: Jet Set Graphic Design | Contact details
  • heading tags: H1, H2, H3 tags to be headings including the keywords, if using css use the word head in name of style
  • embolden and link: keywords and keyword phrases, and link to their own page, e.g. take an IQ test links to IQ test.html called IQ Test.
  • alt text: is essential for every image - the more descriptive the better
  • robot.txt that tells googlebot what folders not to bother with for what time period because you aren't updating them regularly
  • all pages must have global or navigation links
  • sitemap essential, include global or navigation links to sitemap on every page
  • copyright statemet essential, include global or navigation links to copyright statement on every page and a meta tag with the statement on every page
  • don't use black hat optimising techniques - it will upset google
  • have user interaction - message board
  • have site statistics
  • have counter
  • have rss feed
  • no dead links


  • 30+ pages
  • what are your competitors doing and why
  • concise
  • conversational
  • spell check - American or European English irrelevant
  • content specific: not just a office supplies, specific 'leather arm chairs' and brand 'Nike, Reebok' - plan around the keywords that people will look for and put the keywords into headings
  • short paragraphs with headings
  • quality information
  • update, update, update - minimum twice a week 500 words
  • faqs
  • samples
  • newsletter or column
  • press releases

Information architecture

  • landing pages must have keyword Titles: Leather Arm Chairs
  • anchor links specific: not just click here, but click here to go to our daily newsletter about dogs that hold onto blue cats, anchors to contain keywords
  • clean design that is information oriented
  • make navigation easy
  • 9 landing sections or less

Robert Reeve's SEO notes

Domain Factors

  • Domain Age
  • Length of Domain Registration
  • Site Top Level Domain
  • Sub Domain or Root Domain
  • Past Domain Records
  • Past Owners of the Domain
  • Keywords Contained In The Domain
  • Domain IP and it's neighbours
  • Domain Mentions (External)
  • Geo-Targeting Settings (set in Google Webmaster Tools)

Page Specific Factors

  • Meta Tags (description and keywords)
  • Age of the Page
  • Page Freshness
  • Degree of Internal Duplication
  • Page Load Time
  • The Type of Page (contact us/ content/ forum)
  • Internal Popularity Of The Page

Keyword Usage

  • Keywords Within The Page Title
  • Keywords in the Alt Tags
  • Keyword Usage in Internal Links
  • Keywords in Bold/ Italic
  • Keyword Prominence
  • Usage of Keyword Synonym's
  • Keywords in Filename
  • Keywords in the URL
  • Use of Keywords in HTML Comment Tags
  • Keyword Density

Page Content

  • The Language of the Content
  • The Uniqueness of the Content
  • Content Levels (number of words)
  • Text to Code Ratio
  • Unlinked Content Density
  • Content Topic
  • Text In Images
  • Malicious Content
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Unique Phrase Usage

Site Architecture

  • URL Structure
  • HTML Structure
  • Semantic Structure
  • Use of CSS Files
  • Use of Javascript Files
  • General Website Structure
  • Website Usability
  • Use of Canonical URL's
  • Correct HTML Code (W3C Compliant)
  • Usage of Cookies

Website's Servers

  • The Geographical Location of the Server
  • Server Reliability
  • Server Uptime

General Website Factors

  • Site Freshness and Update Frequency
  • Overall Site Size
  • Age of The Site
  • Website Robots.txt File
  • Type of Website (blog/ educational/ government)
  • XML Sitemap (html/ xml)
  • Site Trust
  • Page Rank (Home Page/ Internal Pages)
  • Proper Usage of 404 and Other Error Pages
  • Proper Usage of 301/302 Redirects

External Links

  • Quantity of External Links To Home Page
  • Quantity of External Links To Internal Pages
  • Relevancy of Sites Linking To Website
  • Relevancy of Pages Linking to Website
  • Quality of External Links to Website
  • Quality of Web Pages To The Website
  • Quality of the Website Linking To Your Website
  • Relevancy/ Quality/ Quantity of Backlinks From The Linking Website
  • Backlinks from the Network Sites
  • Link Profile Diversity
  • Anchor Text Diversity
  • Variety of IP Addresses of Linking Sites
  • Geographical Locations of the Linking Sites
  • Variety of TLD's
  • TheTopical Diversity
  • Variation of Linking Sources (Directories/ Blogs/ Article Websites)
  • Link Placement Diversity
  • Link Authority of Linking Website
  • Reciprocal Linking Ratio
  • Social Media Links Ratio
  • Social Bookmarking Links Ratio
  • Backlinks Trends (sudden spikes Vs constant links)
  • Historical Links (New Links Vs Old LInks)
  • Dmoz Citation
  • Authority of TLD
  • Location of The External Link
  • Anchor Text (Relevancy and Variation)
  • Title Attribution of Link

Outbound Links

  • Quantity of Outbound Links (domain/ page)
  • Quality of Pages the Site Links To
  • Links to bad Neighbourhoods
  • Relevancy of Outbound Links
  • Ratio of 'dofollow' Vs 'nofollow'
  • Variation of Outbound Links

Website Visitor Behaviour

  • Number of Visits
  • Demographic of Visitors
  • Bounce Rate
  • Visitor Trends & Patterns
  • Click Through Rate From Search Engines
  • Website Load Time
  • Website Usabaility

Search Engine Penalties

  • Hidden Text
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Link Buying
  • Link Selling
  • External Spamming
  • Cloaking
  • Duplicate Content (Internal and External)
  • Past Penalty History
  • Re-direct Flags (re-direct loops etc)

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