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  • Unofficial Google Blog is an unofficial blog that watches Google's latest attempts to move your operating system online.
  • Parkeharrison have an effficient way of letting you prechoose which picture to look at in their collection. It's swf - ahh, it has it's uses. Not just a pretty face.
  • Alex Tew's Million Dollar Home Page. Tew needed money for tuition, so he launched a gib black 1000x1000 pixel piece of real estate, to be sold at $1 per pixel. You could buy as many as you want and have on it what you want. People paid him $150,000 in two weeks, and in 4 months he had $1,037,000. Method of advertising: Word of Mouth.
  • Tom Coates innovates. His thinking is innovative. Web commentator, watcher of web innovations.
  • Art is not a Crime: Solidarity with Steve Kurtz and critical art ensemble. This guy is being threatened with legal action for turning a picture of a guy with a Molotov cocktail made with a Pepsi bottle into an artwork. Here is my solidarity with them.
  • has an interesting structure, comprehensivity, about San Francisco.
  • The Contagious Media Project, launches funny or interesting memes and see how far they spread, spurring on the competition with the Contagious Media Award - first prize $2000. Currently, Panty Spyware - Forget Me Not Panties - that you buy your cheating wife, to monitor her, is the winner with 615,562 unique visitors.
  • - the more I look at it the more I see how cleverly it is set up for safety - go have a look - I am going to be making a list today of all the brilliant points about this site that matches interests to interests not people to people and creates groups - I love the programming synchronising seamlessly with the intent, it's poetry.

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