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Milestones in the battle to appropriate the female body

1921: The first Miss America pageant is held in Atlantic City, N.J.
1948: Marylin Monroe, 5'11 135lbs, poses for a series of nude calendar shots.
1953: Playboy hits the newsstands. It publishes the Monroe shots.
1956: French model/actress/sex kitten Brigitte Bardot stars in And God Created Woman.
1965: The average model weights 8 per cent less than the average American woman.
1967: Twiggy 5'7", 91lbs launches 'heroin chic'.
1973: Farrah Fawcett, she of the shaggy-do stars in The Great American Beauty Pageant.
1978: Brooke Shields plays a child prostitute in Pretty Baby.
1980s: The fitness craze. Jane Fonda's workout is the best-selling video ever.
1987: The average model weights 23 per cent less than the average American woman.
1990: Madonna plays the dominatrix in SM underwear.
1990s: The age of the supermodel. Linda Evangelista doesn't get out of bed for less than $10,000.
1992: Working Women magazine reports that 65 million Americans are on a diet.
1992: Kate Moss stars in a Calvin Klein ad.
1998: Catwalk queen, Naomi Campbell, pleads guilty to assaulting her former assistant.
1998: Camryn Manheim of The Practice dedicates her Emmy to all the 'fat girls'.
1999: Buxom Gisele Bundchen is the model of the moment.
1999: A BBC doumentary exposes sex-and-drugs in the modeling world.
2000: Ultra-thin, Calista Flockart, collapses on the set of Ally McBeal.
2001: Tough, skinny and voluptuous models all share the catwalk.


Source: Adapted from Philosophy of Structure


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