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These are some compliments I have received. If I find the persons contact details become outdated, I just leave their name there. Maybe if they surf themselves and find this page, they will send me their new contact details, hint, hint.

up Software training: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Dreamweaver

It is a privilege and an honour to write this letter of recommendation for Tanya Pretorius. We have worked together over the past two years. She presented InDesign and Illustrator courses at our company. She is a team player and very generous with her time and knowledge. It is notable how Tanya goes the extra mile to make sure her trainees fully comprehend the principles behind each of the courses. I, as well as my other colleagues, find her to be very approachable and kind. Tanya is dedicated, professional, passionate and very knowledgeable. She has a way of explaining things which make it easier for us to grasp and apply. Her training helped us a great deal in our daily task and responsibilities. I would highly recommend Tanya for any design training course as her knowledge is of the highest standard.

Romandi Wagenaar

Senior Page Layout Designer, Impak

087 743 0700


But in all honesty I meant every word, and I am truly grateful that you shared your wealth of knowledge with me. You're a rock star!

Trent Plummer, Vegas

Maverick Helicopters



MIMS Handbook of Gastro-Intestinal Diseases looks fabulous. Dr Shmeizer, the medical editor, just cannot stop raving about the book and was saying to me today that it has already been of great use to him in his daily practice. Thanks so much for your efforts, and for your patience with me Tanya. You are a great teacher!


Fran Beamish, South Africa

Times Media, MIMS Editor



Tanya was excellent. Very sharp and a nice teaching style. Loved day one.
Thank you. Just wanted to thank you for a great session in general.  Sorry that I was so
stressed today – rough day.  I should have rebooked it for tomorrow, but quite
honestly the entire week is going to be rough.  I enjoyed the entire learning
experience.  You do a great job.  Please, let’s keep in touch.  

Debra Olson, Wisconsin
Brand Manager, Gander Mountain



From Twitter: Designing #UBCDET Instructor guides 4 the upcoming Fall Season using my new Adobe #InDesign ninja skills. Learning from @fetsiboomsticks

Odie Parkins, West Virginia



Tanya was simply the BEST!  Not once did she get irritated with having to repeat the same thing a thousand times.  She was very patient!  Of all the courses I've ever done, I found that Tanya was by far a better trainer than the rest.  Not once did I feel uncomfortable with her around.  She was funny and very professional at the same time!  Thanks Tanya for all that you have done and I really hope that you will be our trainer for our next course! 10/10!!!!!

Ryno McGregor, North Souix City

Badger Holdings


Just thought I'd drop you a line to say hi. I also wanted to send you my current portfolio to show you how I'm doing, thanks to the strong foundation of software skills you provided me with. :) So here is the link:

Mathew Pearce, South Africa



Tanya was a fantastic instructor. Not only did she use relevant material for for the industry I work in, but she was willing to teach me specific lessons to help advance my skills. She was always helpful and very pleasant to learn from. She went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend taking a lesson from her and would without a doubt take another lesson from her again! This is Great! Thank you so much Tanya. You were fantastic! 

Erica Thomas, Australia


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the time you spent with the CIB marketing team to impart your valuable knowledge in such an amazingly professional manner. Each afternoon, directly after the training, the team would come into my office, beaming from ear to ear and so eager to share what they had just learnt for the day! It almost seemed as if they were hovering above the ground, they were so excited! Using our actual documentation and the requirements we had in specific was a wonderful way for us to get first-hand experience and for the training to make sense quickly, and without too much of a learning-curve later.

Frans Nel, South Africa


It was really great to get to know you a little over these few days and we hope to do some more training with you in the future.

Michele van der Walt, South Africa
Marketing Co-Ordinator, cib insurance administrators


Thanks so much, I really enjoyed the training. It was a pleasure!

Linda Venter, South Africa
Instructional Designer, Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases
Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria

That's fantastic! Thanks again for all your help with the course, I really enjoyed it. Take care.

Emma Nicholson, Houston




You are a riot!! I love it! Thank you so much for your teaching - I really appreciate you! I hope to continue training and I will definitely be asking for you!!

Lisa Carter, Oregon

Carter's Service



Tanya presented the course very well and I was so grateful for the one-on-one opportunity. It was wonderful to do a course with an instructor with so much knowledge. I just wished there was a way of getting all that knowledge transferred to me!

Marise Taljaard, South Africa

Deputy Director: Corporate Communications
Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)



You were so right, I LOVED Tanya and the course was brilliant.

Nina Chalmers, Australia



Thanks so much for your help. I learned a lot and hope I can retain all that knowledge. You were a great instructor.

Kim Steffel, Portland


Excellent instructor, one of the most useful classes I've ever had

Bill Bernat, Seattle


Yes, I am very satisfied with Tanya, she is very knowledgeable, patient and fun.

Jame Craig, St Bevis


I would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and Tanya for the excellent way in which the training of InDesign was conducted. Tanya is brilliant and I would recommend anyone who would like to undergo training in a design application to commence it through your training facility. Because of the nature of my work, I had very little time to my availability to get ‘InDesign wise’, but Tanya managed to get me up and going in 3 half day sessions. I’m sure she is an asset to your company. Thank you again.

Tomé van Wyk, South Africa
Momentum Life


We have concluded the Dreamweaver class. It was a good class; Tanya was well-versed in the subject matter and worked with me on those items that were missing in my knowledge of Web site building and optimization in general, and of course, Dreamweaver specifically. I don't know if she is available for my Illustrator class, but I'd love to have her again for my instructor.

Susan Hawver, Indianapolis
Publications Specialist, Indiana National Guard


Just to say thank you again for the super training sessions.  I did enjoy them (after our early hiccups!).  You are brilliant and I appreciated ALL your help!

Nicola Ward, Devon
Marketing Consultant and Project Manager


Tanya Pretorius was my teacher at Vega the Brand Communications School in 2005. She taught me Adobe Software which now forms the foundation of my career. Tanya was a patient and efficient teacher who always went the extra mile to ensure that her students were equipped for any challenges to come in the design world. Even after I qualified at Vega, Tanya still makes herself available for me to contact her with any questions, and she always finds time to answer them both promptly and with accuracy. I am comforted in knowing that I can still contact Tanya for help when I am lost in the vast world of design. I will always be grateful to have her as my mentor and I would recommend her valuable input in any area of Graphic Design.

Mathew Pearce, South Africa
Graphic Designer


Really enjoyed our training this morning - you're very good! We were impressed at how
much we got out of it.

Fiona Huck, Gloucester
Design Specialist, St. James's Place Wealth Management


Tanya is an awesome instructor, easy to follow along, easy to ask any question. I've used what you taught me sooooo much, I can't tell you what your great teaching meant to me. (And later, after Robin wrote a book and published it online...) ... for being the world's greatest and most patient digital, virtual teacher and cheerleader.

Robin Howard, UK



Ek wil net vir jou dankie sê vir die voorreg om deel van die kursus te kon wees. Hoewel ek nog baie moet oefen en dinge self moet “uitfigure” het ek defnitief baat gevind daarby. Weereens baie dankie. (And...) The course was tough at times, but very well facilitated and informative.

Marinda Lupo, South Africa
Medpharm Publications



Thank you so much. You're a delightful teacher.

Lori Cowherd, Arizona


You and Katty are brilliant ... I wll always cherish our good moments and all that I have learned from you.

Thembi Mogala, South Africa

Vega Brand Communications School



Everything went well with the Dreamweaver classes on Saturday and Sunday. I learned a lot. I'm excited for the upcoming classes with Tanya.

Ernest Tedesco, Philadelphia




Your endless updates on Facebook really cheer me up in the day. I'm so sorry I'm missing the wild, crazy, entertaning, information-overloaded classes. The last ones with you were a blast..... and I learned loads. My new job is challenging to say the least, but I'm thoroughly enjoying. I have met great people. Just a little thank you to you and katty vandenberghe for all the digital classes in Dreamweaver and Illustrator. I really have learned so sooo much. Thank you for all the time and patience. I hope we always stay in contact, the two of you are truly amazing people.

Toni van Jaarsveldt, South Africa


I would really love to recommend Tanya to any potential clients or students. If you are thinking of getting lessons from Tanya or employing her there isn't another person who is more capable of the job. She has a huge wealth of knowledge and is extremely patient. She taught me all my Indesign and Illustrator and without her I be completely lost.

Mark Livni, London

London Bridge Media

[] [Linkedin]


Thank you for the specialised training and for the fun and exciting way in which you imparted your knowledge. You made the Adobe suite come alive and presented it with such enthusiasm and a great sense of humour, it made the whole process seem much less daunting. Your computer skills amazed me, as did your training skills. Once again... A big thank you!


Cathy Simon, South Africa


Just wanted to say thank you to you, you are doing such a wonderful job. All the students are happy and are re-booking for more courses.


Tanya Taylor, South Africa
My ex-boss at Vega Brand Communications School


Tanya is an excellent lecturer. She has a wealth of experience and her capacity to delve into the more technical aspects of graphics applications is exceptional. Ask and she will answer! A true resource.

Natalie Small, South Africa


A superb, caring and intuitive teacher who knew how best to communicate the intricacies of the programmes being engaged with in the most approachable manner.

Kevin Colins, South Africa
Vega Brand Communications School


Tanya is a very good teacher. Actually she's the best of all teachers I've ever had. She teaches from the heart and always makes sure you fully understand. What I like most is the follow up she does even after you've finished the course, she wants to know how you're doing in your career and that takes passion.

Fiso Dlamini, South Africa

Khethiwe Design House



At work I am a STAR thanks to YOU and rest of Vega's staff. Indesign and I are
very much good friends indeed. Thanks to you.


Mzi Ndabana, South Africa
Mail & Guardian, Scanner and Designer


Thank you for teaching me Illustrator and InDesign and making it fun! I met some great people in the course. Learning stuff about InDesign also opened my eyes to certain functions in Freehand (ooooh scream now.... I can hear you). I will certainly be able to make use of the Creative Suite. It's fantastic how all the programmes link! Busy freelancing for Ogilvy again for two months, mornings only. Busy like a bee making honey! Thanks once again for facilitating the courses! I really enjoyed them!


Kate Binge, South Africa
Creative Director: Kdb Advertising & Design


Tanya made the lessons very interesting and easy to understand. She is very thorough with explaining the programmes. I really enjoyed the lessons we had.


Michelle de Oliveira, South Africa
Production manager: Athol Franz Studios


The lessons with Tanya were very informative and gave us the ability to swap from freehand and produce our magazine in InDesign without any problems.


Martha Kwiatkowski, South Africa
Head designer: Athol Franz Studios


I have found Tanya to be an instructor who is passionate about her subject matter. She is very knowledgeable about the relevant software suite and left us feeling confident in our newly acquired skills. The lessons we have received from Tanya have proved to be very beneficial to our publication and to our business as a whole.


Divan Muller, South Africa
Head designer and develoment officer: Athol Franz Studios


I really found the course challenging and stimulating, and I certainly feel that I have learnt a great deal. Thanks again for all your help and guidance. It was sincerely appreciated.


Nabeela Latha, South Africa


I thoroughly enjoyed training with Tanya. The fact that she was able to teach me both InDesign and Illustrator, along with some Photoshop in one day, was remarkable. I found the training cohesive and thorough and very easy to follow. As a designer, what I particularly enjoyed was how Tanya (as a designer herself) approached the training with a full understanding of how I would end up using the software. Her complete patience and willingness to be flexible were bonuses. She has also remained completely accessible in terms of support. Thanks for never making me feel my post-course questions (two only! Ed.) are silly, Tanya!


Kirsty McFie, South Africa
Mac2 Design & Advertising


Yip, looking back over the course we really did cover a lot. You earned your fee Tanya. Thanks again for a super course, it was absolutely fabulous and I enjoyed it thorougly!


Bianca Muller, South Africa

Wow. That was a great session with Tanya... So much to take in, but she is excellent!


Cathy Simon, South Africa


I have really enjoyed the classes and have learned a tremendous amount, thanks to you.


Yolandi Momberg, South Africa


I really enjoyed your classes, I think you provide great insight into the programs as well as the industry. You have a unique way of approaching teaching which is refreshing and interesting, its cool because I have such a short attention span for lectures but I had no trouble concentrating during your classes! You also seem to have fun teaching which makes the classes fun to be in. I don't really have anything negative to say. I'm really quite disappointed you're not teaching Dreamweaver but I guess I'll cope! Haha. Thank you for a great experience, I really enjoyed attending your classes!


Nina Richards, South Africa


Dankie vir al die moeite, kannie wag vir die Indesign kursus nie.


Andre Breuer, South Africa


Thanks again for the training - was great!


Helena Rousseau, South Africa


I have really enjoyed the classes and have learned a tremendous amount, thanks to you.


Yolandi Momberg, South Africa


Once again, thank you very much for the invaluable knowledge you have taught us. I really enjoyed the course.


Louise Penburthy, South Africa


Illustrator is now officially my favourite program to work with. I always used Photoshop to design my websites. Now I can actually be as creative as I want to be, without limitations, except of course my lack of experience with Illustrator. But that will also change in no time. Thank you once again for teaching me this unbelievable program. I enjoyed it so much, even though I'm not much of a talker and didn't tell you in class. I will be seeing you in In Design - I can't wait.


Amanda du Preez, South Africa


Tanya is a 100% dedicated teacher who always has her students best interests in mind. Her passion for the subjects she teaches means that there is quite literally nothing in the Adobe Creative Suite that Tanya isn’t already familiar with. This complete understanding enables Tanya to communicate difficult concepts clearly and to answer any questions students may have. I can honestly say that in my 6 years of full-time study I rarely, if ever had a teacher with Tanya’s level of passion for the subjects she teaches and caring for her students. I wish her all the best.


Anna Stark, South Africa

Marketing Manager - Just Fun Sports


I'd like to thank you for being such an excellent and cool lecturer. THANK YOU.


Sanele Nqala, South Africa


I am still amazed and really quite proud of myself that I did was quite an achievement for me!!! Thanks for all your help...You are the best!


Bruce Rayne, South Africa


I enjoyed your lectures, and found the input extremely valuable. Ek het net so 'n goeie projek ingehandig omdat ek so goeie lecturer gehad het... :)


Cilnette Pienaar, South Africa


Thanx for your patience and great teaching skills throughout both courses!
It is well appreciated!! :-)


André du Toit, South Africa


Just really wanted to tell you that I very much enjoyed the lesson. Penny dropped on a few things... Thanks again! You are getting chocolates.... You were feeling sick (and still came to teach, ed.), to me the fact that you still came through and made the effort to teach says a lot about you. Thank you for being such a good teacher and making the learning process a pleasant experience. Absorbed it and enjoyed it. ;p


Tracy Farrel, South Africa


Never thought I’d say this when we started with photoshop etc, but I’m really going to miss our sessions, they were quite fun.


Nikki Mackintosh, South Africa


Loved your course. You were FAB. 100% for you.


Bianca du Toit, South Africa


I think the InDesign course was very good. Well planned and very informative. I learned so much and I actually enjoyed it at the same time. You are very knowledgeable and you are an excellent presenter of the subject. I give you 10/10.


Michell du Toit, South Africa


Thank you so much, it will be great to have some back-up in times of need! You really taught me well.

Matthew Pearce, South Africa


Just want to say, you truly are a great teacher. I have never met anyone who can go over things over and over and over again without getting irritated!!! You obviously have a lot of patience! The course really helped me to be more creative in my work!


Elmarie Knapton, South Africa
Photography Department: Caxton Magazines


Tanya, thank you for still responding to my advanced questions several Acrobat versions after our course and more than a year later. As always your response is quick and very supportive. Thanks again, you are a sweetie.


Paul van den Heijden, South Africa
Ethnique Marketing


Tanya was my lecturer at Vega whilst I completed a part-time DTP course. Tanya was open and always willing to help. She inspired all the students in her class by teaching 'how the programmes think' not the 'step-by-step' processes. Since completing this course, I have designed and laid out my Company's annual report, I would not have been able to complete such a daunting task if Tanya hadn't taught the programmes in the way she did. Even after the courses, Tanya is always available to assist and battling ex-student with questions. I just wanted to thank you for imparting your (immense) knowledge. I really feel like I have gained a great deal from this course. Her teaching method is superb (but I know she already knows that) in that it shows the ‘how it thinks’ and not ‘how to step by step’. You brought a different element to learning. YAY YOU!


Nicole Spruijt, South Africa
Pan African Resources


I'd like to thank Vega, the Brand Communication School for giving me the opportunity to attend one of the most interesting courses I have attended (Adobe InDesign CS). My big thanks goes to Tanya Pretorius who was our lecturer, I think she's the most inspirational designer the industry could ever have. I'm now 95% fluent with the application and am using it every day. I don't see myself going back to the time-consuming applications I was using before. Thank you.


Thuso Nkosi, South Africa
Vega-certified InDesign user
Threedot Creative Communication (Creative Department)


Thanks again for a wonderful class, may I 'play piano' even half as good as you one day!

Bianca Muller, South Africa

I just want to thank Tanya for an absolutely fabulous InDesign course. She was always willing to help and showed us 10 times if we did not understand a certain aspect of the course. I must honestly say that I’ve never learned so much in one course. I really hope that VEGA appreciates her because she is a real asset to your company.

Cindy Hale, South Africa

Thanks for another great course, I really enjoyed it, even though it was pretty challenging for me. A friend of mine has just started with a bunch of night courses at Vega and I've told him if he has a choice he should try get into your classes! I'll definitely keep in touch, thanks for everything!

Nina Richards, South Africa


I'm totally ecstatic about your comments on my site/css! It took quite a few wrongs to get to that little site right, but I love a challenge. And I'm sure it helps that I'm a bit of a neat-freak, so the file-structure came 'naturally' if you want. AND then, we had a good - no stunning - teacher :)

Deirdre Watson, South Africa
The Coffee Stain

Thanks for an awesome course. woooohoooo!


Baran Hess, South Africa
Graphic Designer: Launchit Marketing & Branding

Thanks again for being a great teacher! I can’t believe that I actually got it.... Well most of it!!!

Patricia Braune, South Africa


You made it intresting - theres nothing worse than going to a class on a Monday night and the teacher is boring, You are the one that kept me coming back, urging us to go out and learn! You have a talent for teaching. You know not a lot of people can teach - you have a knack for it!! I'm thinking of doing Indesign, hope you teach it?

Caren Phillips Munzer, South Africa


You were the coolest most captivating lecturer I have ever had.
You made class awesome and fun. Enjoyed class very much.

Sharl de Wet, South Africa
Graphic Designer: Creative Identity


The course was fun and not as complicated as I thought.

Bareng Mudubanya, South Africa


Class has gone well. We got off to a great start. Tanya has been very accommodating and seemingly has a good feel for my experience level.

Doug Mahoney, Bethesda US

up Writing training

Just a quick drop in to say that i am at an article writing workshop. The facilitators say i write well. All cudos to you my friend! Thank you!

Janine Lewis, South Africa

Theatre for Empowerment; Physical Theatre and Movement. Devising and Performing Post-modern theatre, Tshwane University of Technology



I first went to Tanya a couple of years ago to try and improve my writing skills. I must admit the first time I saw her comments I felt quite angry at the hard hitting nature of them. But I went through the comments and interacted with her, and I have found that she pointed out a few simple things that helped turn my writing around. It's the bad habits that you pick up (that are so difficult to 'unlearn') that, when shaken, make documents more 'readable', conveying your message as simply as possible. A reader should not have to figure out what you are saying. The whole point of writing is to convey meaning. I believe a document that is readable will be read and Tanya has certainly helped me in that quest. She understood where I was coming from and worked with me to get to where I wanted to be.


Sonkho Phiri, South Africa
Regional Advocacy and Policy Advisor:
Regional AIDS Initiative of Southern Africa, VSO Pretoria

up Layout and design

Thanks again for all your hard work on this, its greatly appreciated. I wish all suppliers were as easy to work with as you are.

Britt Guedes, South Africa
Marketing Co - Ordinator, CIB Insurance



Thought I would forward you the email below which lets us know that clients bought multiple copies of our publication for themselves and their colleagues, as you were an instrumental part in the success of the publication. Well done to you and the editor, Lynette Strydom!

Silke Friedrich, South Africa

Business Manager, MIMS: Johnnic Communications




Thanks for laying out MIMS Drug Therapy Review so meticulously - it really looks professional!

Silke Friedrich, South Africa

Business Manager, MIMS: Johnnic Communications



Hiermee wil ons van Radio Tygerberg af net vir jou baie dankie se al die werk en die pragtige gesindheid waarmee jy saamgewerk het met die 104 Die Tydskrifspan. Hoewel ons nooit in rand en sent kan vergoed vir positiewe gesindhede nie, betaal ons graag as 'n gebaar van dankbare welwillendheid 'n klein bonussie in jou rekening. Weer eens baie dankie en baie voorspoed vorentoe.


Hardus Zevenster, South Africa
CEO, Radio Tygerberg


I am busy with an almost impossible task and while struggling to get it to work, I thought to myself “The boss will just have to accept that if I cannot do it, then it cannot be done”... and it made me think of what you always said, and all the millions of efforts you always put into the books, brochures, and all sorts of things we worked on, and this is the work ethic I learned from you – “don’t give up until you have tried every possible angle” and that is exactly how I operate now. Thanks for the good habits!


Bernadette Naudé, South Africa
Manager - Training, Steiner Group Botswana



Aan die Redaksie en Uitleg kunstenaar. Baie geluk met ‘n skitterende uitgawe! Ek glo dit is by verre ons beste tot dusvêr. Ek is, danksy julle, werklik trots om te sê dit is ons eie publikasie. Doen so voort. Ek kan nie wag vir die volgende uitgawe nie!

Hardus Zevenster, South Africa

CEO Radio Tygerberg



Hallo Julle. Ek het nounet die nuusbrief in die pos gekry. Puik. Baie dankie vir julle wonderlike werk en veral die lekker saamwerk en omgee. En die professionele gesindheid van jou Tanya. Ons sê hopeloos te min dankie. (And later:) Stunning uitleg!!!!!

Marius du Plooy, South Africa
Chairman: Fundi Communications and Advertising

I wish all clients could be a pleasure to work with like you. :-)
The artwork looks great.

Shonelle Deonall, South Africa


As usual, I am impressed. Your designs make me think.

Zelda Knox, South Africa
Account Manager: IntoWeb Training


Tanya interprets a brief exceptionally well and always delivers excellent results on or before the agreed deadline. The quality, pace and attention to detail of her work is amazing, from my point of view she is a member of a protected species.

Anina Steele, South Africa

Thank you Tanya, you are always so helpful and I appreciate it.

Barbara Milroy
Client Services Executive: MIMS


I appreciate the efficiency with which everything is being handled. Both the order and the advertisement are received.

Nicole Meyer
SHEQ Management

The Pica Award acknowledges Tanya's incredible skill, experience and knowledge when it comes to design, typesetting, layout and copy presentation in the publishing environment. A skill honed and developed in a family business that has been operating for close to forty years. Congratulations are in order I think, and well deserved. Well done Tanya! The judges comments were as follows: ‘This publication is concise, clear and well laid out – no doubt a handy publication to the pharmaceutical industry.  The simple but succinct presentation adds to the ease of use and information – all makes for a “must have” publication.’


Group congratulations from many

Good to be working with you again at your fast and efficient pace! (And later) So again
without starting to sound like a stuck grammaphone, YOU ARE A STAR!

Anita Mathews, South Africa
Anita Mathews Media


... honestly, I think you are the conference "glue" - you hold it all together.

Diane Dossantos, South Africa
Events co-ordinator: BMI-TechKnowledge Group

Ek wil net sê ek dink ons het hierdie rondte dadelik raak gevat met die brosjure. Toe ek nou die proewe sien het die nuusbrief vreeslik sterk oorgekom en ek is vreeslik beïndruk met die kwaliteit van die nuusbrief. n Groot dankie aan Tanya wat die ontwerp gedoen het

Sandro Geyer, South Africa


In 1999 Tanya Pretorius did the design, layout and typesetting for two mathematics courses for Project Literacy (Prolit).  As the project manager for Prolit I worked closely with her.  When working with her on these projects, Tanya showed great creativity and initiative.  Her work was meticulous and she always paid attention to detail.  At all times she was willing to discuss and meet realistic deadlines. The one set of books on algebra proved to be a particularly challenging task for the typesetter and Tanya proposed solutions and alternate ways to achieve a superior product.  Setting this book was very time consuming but all the deadlines were met. Working with Tanya was a rewarding experience because she remained friendly and patient even when problems were encountered.  Her attitude towards the client and the project engendered a strong spirit of teamwork between us.  This contributed greatly to the successful outcome of the project.

Penny Baker, South Africa
Adult Education Consultant (Mathematics and Science)

up Writing

I have worked with Tanya Pretorius for the past 18 years. She is without doubt extremely capable and has remarkable drive, enthusiasm and persistence for any task she takes on. Although modest and unassuming, I have known her to be extremely diligent and conscientious and she has always shown sound judgment and perception. In addition, her unquestionable speaking and writing ability has always been greatly appreciated and admired by all those who had occasion to work with her. I recommend her for any appointment without reservation.


Lynette Strydom, South Africa
Project manager: MIMS

up Websites

Tanya (our webmaster) is truly a blessing when it comes to excellent service!!

Amanda Louw, South Africa

Institute of Safety Management


I have been living in Pretoria for three years now and am always looking for the perfect collection of oddball eccentrics and the venues they frequent. I was trawling the net a while back and hit on your website, full of useful things. So personal, so great to read. I duck in there from time to time to see how your are thinking and what you have discovered. A great big thanks!

Gina McAuliffe, South Africa


Tanya is a star. She set up a web site for me in mere hours, and made changes as and when requested in a magically short time. She was patient with my technical incompetence, and always gave me time when I needed it. She told me how to write to get the best results off Google which is a very useful skill to have.

Wendy Watson, South Africa
Wendy Watson Consulting Services


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