I do palm readings and have done for good on 20 years. Oh my goodness am I that old? See sample palm reading below.

How to pay for your palm reading

A reading costs $60. Please email me your palms as jpgs (the correct quality will be around 700KB per hand) first to establish that your scan will be good enough for a reading. You can pay by pressing the PayPal button on my home page. I will receive an email from your email address once the button is pressed to confirm payment.

Compliments I have received

  • I have never believed in palm reading until my sister told me about you. I do not know the skill but what you have achieved with my palms - IS SCARY. Well done.
  • Everything is true, I am impressed and amazed.
    Nick (reading below)


Email me both your palms.




What you should do is scan both your hands, note both. Let me know which hand is dominant. Put your hands under your scanner's lid, rest very lightly on the glass (don't press down on the glass). Once you have made the scans click the submit button below and attach your scans. I have put a perfect palm scan here if you would like to see the kind of quality I need. Don't let it scare you if you know nothing about scanning. Just look for a 300dpi setting on your scanner and click it on. Sorted. Or, go to a one-hour photo lab and ask them to scan your hands and email me. Ask for a high resolution, 300dpi scan. The resultant jpg file that you should send me will be about 1MB. See the visual sample below - this is what the scan should look like if you look at it at 100% scaling.

Required quality of scan

This is a sample so that you can see the detail that I need in the lines. This is the area between the thumb and the forefinger.


Palm piece



Just a note before you start reading. I have done this for about twenty years, and I know for a fact that your lines change over time. Your lines are NOT etched in stone. You have control over your life. A palm reading is only there to clarify things for you, to help you make changes you feel are necessary. When I stopped smoking, my life line grew an inch and a half in six months (meaning, I will live longer).

Incidence lines

The biggest thing to mention in your palm is that there are powerful forces at work in your life. These need not be negative. They are elements of destiny, factors that come in from the outside. There are three, one each that affects your ability to control your love life, your career and your health. These three factors are separate from each other in the sense that they don't come from the same source, and operate independently from one another. It is unusual to find three elements like this. Usually if there is one and it crosses the work line, you can say that the person has a strong calling to the Spiritual, but on your hand there are three strong callings. Rough idea of timing of these incidental events: 28, 41, 46. At these times, the events they refer to will draw you in some way to imaginative, artistic, intuitive responses


You are very intellectual, you find it easy to remember large quantities of facts and you place a huge value on knowledge. You love logic and rationality. You will look for the answer to a problem from a book, or other trusted source of information. You will not trust yourself to innovate a solution. You are not a lateral thinker. You carefully think things through until you have formed an opinion, and that opinion remains unchanged almost forever. Your intellect is a source of pride, but you are not arrogant.


You have a practical side that also needs to be satisfied, you want to work with your hands. You could not do a purely academic job, it would bore you. You have to have a sense of 'tick, tick, I have done this'.


Sometimes you out-think your emotions - you think them away. You judge people on their ability to impress your mind.


Someone who spends a lot of time thinking, may think 'too much'. You may find that you sometimes feel suicidal, that your life is not going as you planned, things look down. At times like this you have problems with your stomach. Your stomach and metabolism work too hard. You are fussy about what you eat because your stomach acts up. Sometimes you feel like an alien in your life. Other people seem as though they are distracted by non-sensical things and are completely irrational. If you were to find this is something that you feel, and you would go to see a psychotherapist, you would find that you would be able to get your life back into control.

Life control

And also strange, outside of these three influences, you control your life very well, better than most people. Your mind is clear about what you want and you are not easily influenced. You do not like change. Things must be stable and predictable. There must be clarity in all things.


You think think things through carefully, you collect information, and then when you decide to act, it is quick and clear and very directed. Once you start the action phase, you don't easily go back to the thinking phase. You are not easy to persuade, you make up your own mind. You are not a go-with-the-flow sort of person. If you go, you have thought about why. You are not spontaneous, and think people who are, are sometimes very rash.

Boss ability

You would make a good boss, you very aware of issues, and you intellectualize the work process. You know how to access and control your temper, you don't suppress and have huge irritated responses. You are even keeled, but not unaware of the problems around you in your workplace. You would have a rational approach to workplace problems. You are not an assertive person who would take advantage of power. Your employees would see you as reasonable. You have no teaching ability despite the fact that you know all the information, so you would hire people to do training for you.

One downside is that once a problem is solved, in your opinion, you will not allow people under you to bring the matter up again.


Your career is something that you fell into, almost 'accidentally', it was not something you imagined yourself doing. When you began your career you were impressed, amazed by what you could do and the responsibility that was given to you. But over time this job has nowhere else to go except down. You are sometimes not sure that you should be doing this job.


You enjoy working alone, you are irritated by obstacles, big or small to getting the job done, and working with others represents such an obstacle. They add factors to the work to be done that are not part of your clear picture of effectivity.


However, whatever you do you do it to the best of your ability. You will be really good at your job and receive much recognition during your 30s and 40s. But you will find that you are not happy in this career. Nevertheless you will go on doing it, because you are really good at it.


You should pursue your hobbies, you may find your another career in a hobby quite different from your current job. One of the things you would like to do for a hobby is make a collection of items that are very difficult to find. You would enjoy creating a collection, using your intellect to find ways of getting hold of the collector's items. You would find a source of pride in your collection, finding more pride in items that were harder to track down than those that were easy to find.


You will find definitely another career, rather late in life, I think in your 50s. It will take you through to your old age. It will be something that starts almost without your noticing it and grows into something you really love doing. You will still be busy with this well into your 70s or 80s. I only see these two jobs for you.


You probably don't like to travel. If you do, you don't like it for the same reasons others do. You probably like it so that you can collect information about cultures and events, the focus of your traveling would not be the traveling itself.


Your friendship relationships are short lived but intense. There are many people you are friends with, maybe too many. You initially think people you meet are wonderful, but your high standards soon show you that they are not worth the trouble. You are already aware that you do this and have started to not invest in friendships. You have stopped really putting yourself into the relationship and being affectionate to your friends, they do not know how you feel.


Your home life was intense. A parent's influence is still there in the back of your mind, but you will release yourself from the influence at around 25 years old. Your life at home has influenced your bad attitude towards romantic relationships. If your parents relationship is good, you feel that you could never have that for yourself. Or if their relationship is bad, you feel that you would rather just stay away from romantic relationships.


Relationships are not at all important to you during the early part of your life, until the age of 35 or 40. If you have any relationships before then they will be focused on sex, and not on the other person. You are not affectionate physically. Something has happened to you to make you less affectionate, this was not your choice from the beginning, but it is your choice now.


You have an idealistic image of marriage that interferes with your ability to appreciate the potential relationships you come across. You expect more than what can be reasonably given. When you do have a serious relationship it will start off very intensely. It will be a powerful influence on your life for about eight years before it becomes a really good but more normal relationship. Normal meaning it fits in your life but is not an ongoing obsessional influence. The relationship will last a long time. Sex is not the primary focus of this relationship. You will express your feelings through your intellect.


You have superior communication skills. Sometimes you find that your mouth runs away with you, but it is rare, and it will never happen twice under the same circumstances. You would make an excellent non-fiction writer.


You may find that you are a jealous person. That you see a woman or thing that you want and you will do anything to 'own'. You will find that this undermines your long-term relationship. You are also secretive and you find it difficult to share personal information with just anyone.


You may or may not marry, in modern times this is more difficult to see. What I do see is that you will 'marry' twice. Once, very short, maybe four years at a push. Your second marriage will last forever.


You like to have time alone, although you are not a hermit.

The outside world

You are more concerned about humanity, and other more important issues, than what side to squeeze the toothpaste from. You would much rather think about the interests of humankind, than love. You are unlikely to follow up your theorizing with actions (rescuing starving children).


Late in life your career change may be to write a book on what you think about humanity. It will be very difficult for you to start doing it, at first you will make millions of notes, but if you persist it will grow into a full length book. You will love doing the research, and you are probably a precise and clear writer. You dislike flowery language, but you might like poetry, if it is very clever and controlled.


You are going to live forever, and be really healthy. You must make sure you are very well prepared for your retirement, it will be long and you will want to have many adventures. Your hand indicates that you will want to live twice the life you live now when you retire. You have a minor health issue at about 45, be sure when you get to that age, to take good checkups at the doctor.


Reading done by:
Tanya Pretorius, 2001


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