People I like

  • Andy Garcia is an actor, 'the thinking woman's sex symbol', yep, I am doing the predictable.
  • Anne Robinson is a prolific presenter of several shows on BBC, my favorite is Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. I love her calm demeanour and she is very clued up.
  • Avril Lavigne is known for her "skater punk" persona. Rebeldeyay.
  • Ben Stiller because he is sexy, firstly, there's a too-good-looking look about him, and then he adds the metal braces (There's something about Mary), and the teeny cellphone (Zoolander) and the loofah (Along came Polly), and I am lost.
  • Dan Savage is an agony aunt, not for everyone. Warning.
  • Douglas Adams was a writer, funny and way too wise.
  • Ellen Degeneres is a comedian, talk show host and actress in her own show, Ellen. She cares. I love her warmth, and her non-sex (on the whole) humor.
  • Gary Larson is a cartoonist of The Far Side fame. My favorite cartoon is 'Tethercat', but he won't let me show it to you. See why.
  • Ian Wright is a traveler for Globe Trekker. I love this show because it doesn't do the 'Ooh I have so many sponsors that I have to make happy' thing. I love Ian because he will do anything, dive in any lake, stay for a week in an Alaskan wilderness - alone, and maintain a witty, nutty exterior. Never a cross word.
  • Irit Noble is wildly untameable and believes that comedians have to be the truth-sayers and the make-fun-ners of the unchangers.
  • Jenna Elfman is an actress who takes roles that differentiate women from doormats.
  • Jo Brand is an irreverant, self-flagellating comedienne. She has got the sexiest mouth and has that warm irony that my mother had. As a lesbian, I am fated to desire women who are my mother in disguise.
  • Jennifer Schumaker ~ from San Diego, California is walking from San Diego to San Francisco to bring awareness about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their lives.
  • John Cusack lets us maintain our illusions by staying out the of the tabloids. If he can do it, so can all the others.
  • Justine Shapiro is another Globe Trekker traveler. I love Justine because of her research, she always manages to find those über-interesting bits. She will do anything too.... she once had a beetle (that the locals think is food) thrown into her mouth (she couldn't put it in her mouth, it grossed her out too much) in an open air market. Love her! (I love Megan too, just so you know, but Ian and Justine are my favorites. The others, not so much. Not vile, but not on the superfavorites list.)
  • John Irving is an author, dyslexia doesn't cramp his style, my favorite book of his is The Cider House Rules, even though I must shout at him about the apple on the door of the car that whisks Homer away. I don't write because he and JM Coetzee write better.
  • Kathy Acker was a radical post-feminist and post-punk author, bisexual, Jewish, literary terrorist.
  • Michael Parkinson is a British talk show host with his own show, Parkinson. He can make anyone look good. Thinks fast, smiles, and knows how to get the good chats going. The best!
  • Mary Daly is a feminist with honor. She swung her labrys. She swings her labrys. She told academia what her terms were, and they lost her - I consider them fools.
  • Mel Seesholtz has been added to my favorite people. A prolific columnist for Counterbias. Gay and sharp.
  • Nigella Lawson is a cook on Channel 4 (UK). She is not a chef, note, she is a cook. And she always has her fingers and mouth surrounds glistening with food.
  • Oprah Winfrey is talk show host, actress, writer, journalist, woman of honour and generosity.
  • Susan Sontag was an essayist, novelist and activist.

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