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I watch the Americans with a hawkeye. They have the most powerful opinion-making machine in the world. Hollywood. It has flawless function, unmeasured consequences, opaque agendas and suffers not a jot of retaliation because of its barely-perceptible techniques. So clever.

This site watches America: Counterbias. And this guy is a brilliant columnist there: Mel Seesholtz

Topics he writes on, usually all in one article:

  • Homosexuality
  • Theocracy
  • Tyranny


In the brave new world of ASS BS (AmericanStupidSpeak BullShit), "uniter" refers to someone who divides the global community by invading two sovereign non-Christian nations and then divides the population of his own country into heterosexuals who have civil rights and homosexuals who do not. The ASS etymology of "uniter" derives from earlier BS:

"I don't know that atheists should be considered citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God." - George H. W. Bush.

Source: Counterbias An Introduction to American StupidSpeak

These are the titles of some of Mel Seesholtz' other articles

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  • Humor and the Christian Right, In All Seriousness (01-18-06)
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  • Part II: The Evangelical Christian Right's Pathological Attack on America (01-04-06)
  • George W. Bush's Pathological Attack on America: Part I (12-23-05)
  • Means and Ends, and Mean Ends: Ford and It's Not Gay (12-12-05)
  • Lights Out: Time for the New Dark Ages (12-06-05)
  • Science vs. Politics and Religion: The "Ex-Gay" Sham (11-30-05)
  • The Devolution of Intelligent Design (11-15-05)
  • There Comes A Time... (11-04-05)
  • "Repent, America!" Screech the Theofascists (10-18-05)
  • The Bunker Mentality: "The Babe" and the Catholic Church (10-11-05)
  • "I Pledge Allegiance To..." (09-19-05)
  • Yoga, Wicked Infants, Evil Equality, Good Torture and Arnold (09-14-05)
  • Fundamental Questions For Fundamentalists (09-09-05)
  • Katrina and Religion (09-07-05)
  • Creationism, "God" and Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson (08-29-05)
  • Injustice Sunday II: Sweet-n-Sour Neo-Cons (08-24-05)
  • Is This a "Moral" Man? (08-12-05)
  • Of Biblical Proportions: Hate, Wrath & Malice Aforethought (08-09-05)
  • Persecuted Victimizers, Kids and SpongeBob (08-01-05)
  • H.R. 3128 and the Golden Rule (07-25-05)
  • Murder, Torture, Women, and Justice Sunday II (07-18-05)
  • Religion, Politics, and Death by Stoning (07-15-05)
  • Diversity, Academic Freedom and Conservative T-Shirts (07-11-05)
  • After Sandra Day O'Connor (07-06-05)
  • Equality Won in Canada and Spain (07-04-05)
  • Death by Bush and Fruit Flies (06-27-05)
  • Prescription for Disaster (06-22-05)
  • Crimes Against Humanity (06-16-05)
  • The Christian Right on Cats, Condoms and Charles Taylor (06-14-05)
  • Greed and God, SCOTUS and Pot, Bush and the Porn Star (06-09-05)
  • Charles C. Boycott and America's Christian Right (06-06-05)
  • Originalists, Federalism, and Scott J. Bloch (05-30-05)
  • Why is America Still "A Nation of Victims"? (05-23-05)
  • Conspiracy Theories and Rovian Strategies (05-19-05)
  • Pat Robertson, Infidels, and Luke 18:22 (05-09-05)
  • Bull's Eye: Targeted by the Christian Right (05-04-05)
  • New Pope, Old Name, Same Attitudes (04-27-05)
  • Theocracy 101 (04-21-05)
  • Lying and Hate Are Not Traditional Values (04-17-05)
  • An Introduction to American StupidSpeak (04-06-05)

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