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Tanya-generated siclets

  • textual harrassment - so ironic.
  • needyocrity in a needyocracy - I COINED THESE. I just googled these and found nothing! I haven't even checked the other words, but they aren't as cute soundwise... This is a moment! Sent off to Urbandictionary.
  • whatedy = whatever "...but I know one has to have Linux servers or whatedy what."
  • fuck-youness ~ inherent quality that would be a gift to soporific 'suurstofdiewe' (oxygen thieves)
  • sicleting ~ self-generation of words with a sic-k-le (sic), reminding one of a sword that gathers
  • syrupize ~ to over-sweeten
  • frissonic ~ a moment of intense excitement; a shudder, adjective made from the noun frisson
  • leathermanic ~- sharp and funny
  • de(she)eping ~ to make independent by removing the 'feminine' acculturation
  • unrealiability ~ unreal and not reliable
  • egoteric ~ people (me) who make things terribly esoteric are doing it for their egos.
  • geneware ~ divine enough to be used for cloning
  • exerptian ~ adjective of excerpts, e.g. exerptian bits and pieces
  • gigglefits ~ maximized giggling
  • precised ~ to cut precisely - incisively, but also making a precis - a shortened version of
  • Pinnociously ~ as in lying a lot
  • genitalian ~ of the genitals, but a little more on the cold reptillian side, than the lasciviously, warmly passionate.
  • IPPL ~ In Play-Play Life, the opposite of IRL
  • bashingly ~ as in "Oh yes, she's one of those bashingly radical ones", as in a feminist
  • mirageness ~ as in the quality an unattainable thing has, it has mirageness, as in "Avarice. I didn't have a section for this until today, a sad addition considering it's mirageness."
  • Doctorowed - contributed to or in some way influenced by the benignly prolific Cory Doctorow. See People I like, Cory Doctorow.

Related concepts

  • Snowclones use an old idiom in a new context, e.g. If you like X, you'll love Y - If you love Friends you'll love Seinfeld.

Other people's siclets

  • pottyfingers ~ Jean-Jaques Cornish on 702 Talk Radio called a listener Pottyfingers who sent him a moaningly dirty sms for discussion on the radio (probably because Cornish called a white person a racist).
  • byke - f or a non-girly girl, who is not just a straight girl doing a few things with dykes, but who truly is bisexual
  • I had to raise my eyebrow at Mike Savage's neologisms (later ~ his neologism link was removed from Wikipedia (ptuie) and reposted at BillionQuotes. Here is the Wikipedia entry on Mike Savage). I wonder how close they are to racism, sexism and any other kind of ism? How do American Conservatives justify this to themselves during confession?
  • Urban Dictionary is where they do it at 140,000 page visits per day... This is a live feed from them:
  • aptronym, e.g. # William Wordsworth, poet; allegedly coined by Franklin P Adams
  • knuckle-draggers - Dan Savage's expression suggesting the level of evolution of Republican-esque-ers
  • meatspace - the opposite of cyberspace or virtual reality, conscious rejection of the connotation that cyberspace is not real, so the opposite of cyber is not IRL or real.
  • photochopping - the act of removing an unwanted girlfriend from a picture, or anything else you or your parents don't want in your life.
  • mediasnacker - tends to make your brain obese, other people snack on food, I snack on media. There are none so fat as those that snack on media, to quote Goldie Hawn in Butterflies are Free. You could have a lot of these.
  • pay loyalties - instead of pay royalties, coined by Daniela Carrozzo
  • texticle - the measure of ones audacity in text form. Often used to describe when one is particularly bold in email, text message, or IM.

Phrases that appeal to me

  • HIV originally inloved homosexuals ~ interesting typo
  • the evidence didn't collaborate with his account of events ~ 702 malapropism
  • demand side aggregation ~ 'birds of a feather flock together' is one of my favorite life principles by the fascinating idea-generating Vinay Gupta in Personal Factor Four: Organizing Real Environmental Action With The Internet.
  • curatorial agenda ~ strangely only 114 hits on Google for something that should be in the mission statement of every cultural organisation on the planet. All we need is something like this from Mireille Juchau.
  • annoying deceits ~ from my horoscope at, that classes deceits as unimportant as gnat nibbling.
  • advocacy journalism ~ Dan Savage, on the role of The Stranger [online newspaper] in Mediabistro
  • unique just like garlique ~ Hanzi Smatter blog; Tian refers to himself
  • hostile dwellers ~ South African accents are fertile ground for a semi-malapropism ~ this was on the news (in May 2006) and meant to be 'hostel dwellers' ~ ironically, because in the past the mine hostel dwellers were very political and revolutionary.

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